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Industrial Revolution: Causes of the Industrial Revolution

Source: D. Napier & Son Ltd, 'Aero Engine in the Making', England, circa 1918

There were a number of factors that caused the Industrial Revolution, from the emergence of capitalism, European imperialism, efforts to mine coal, and the effects of the Agricultural Revolution. Learn about these factors and more with the following resources.

Causes of the Industrial Revolution (History Crunch, 2019, August 10)

This article from History Crunch provides a great look at some of the causes of the Industrial Revolution. It also includes links to other relevant articles throughout the text.

Causes of the Industrial Revolution (BBC, n.d.)

This website from the BBC lists what different historians had to say about what were the causes of the Industrial Revolution. This proves that there is not one definitive answer, and that multiple factors contributed to the Industrial Revolution.

Causes and preconditions for the Industrial Revolution (ThoughtCo, 2019, July 28)

This article from ThoughtCo includes a dot point summary of what historians tend to agree are the major causes behind the Industrial Revolution.