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Everything you need to know about referencing, avoiding plagiarism, and writing a bibliography.

Bibliography: A list of sources at the end of an assignment that includes all resources used for information. A bibliography is different from reference list, which includes only resources quoted in the assignment. 

Citation: A reference to a source in the body of an essay. A citation may relate to a quote, paraphrase, summary or to a general reference to a source. 

Cite: To refer to a source in the body of a paper. See also Citation.

Copyright: The legal right of an author/owner of a work to control the reproduction of that work.

Paraphrase: To put a short piece of text into your own words. See also Summarising and quoting.

Plagiarism: The use of someone else's work (including words, graphs, tables, images, ideas) without proper acknowledgement. This is a serious academic offence that carries penalties.

Quote: To reproduce the exact words of a source. 

Reference list: A list of resources at the end of a paper that includes all of the works cited in that paper. A reference list differs from a bibliography, which includes not only those works cited in text but also works that have contributed to the preparation of a paper.

Summarise: To shorten a text by selecting the main points, and leaving out the detail and rephrasing it in one's own words. See also Paraphrasing and quoting.‚Äč

(Adapted from Deakin University)

Online Bibliography Tools

There are lots of easy-to-use online tools that help you write bibliographies.

As long as you record the details of sources as you go, these tools do most of the work for you.



Bibme is a simple tools that lets you paste in the URL of a website or search for a book by title or author. Select the source you used from the list, add any missing details and Bibme creates and saves the reference.

*It's important to note Bibme creates references in styles like MLA, APA and Chicago, but not the Harvard style most schools use.


Cite This For Me does most of the work generating references for you - just choose your reference style, your source type, and enter the details of your resource.

*You need to keep track of the details of your resources (Title, Author, Date, and ISBN if it's a book, etc.)


If you are serious about your referencing, you may wish to download Zotero - your personal research assistant!

Once on your device, Zotero will allow you to collect, organise, cite and share your research.

Below are several bibliography templates. They are there to help you find the information you need to complete the bibliography.

These are just  templates. DO NOT submit your bibliography in a table like this. You must submit it as a list.