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Everything you need to know about referencing, avoiding plagiarism, and writing a bibliography.

(sourced from the State Library Victoria)

What is a bibliography?
A bibliography is an important part of any research task. It is a list located at the end of your assignment, which lets the reader know where you got your information from. Bibliographies are important as they give credit to the original authors, and prevent you from getting pulled up for plagiarism.


How do I write one?
There are several styles that can be used to write a bibliography. Check with your teacher to find out which you are expected to use.

This guide will show you how to reference books, articles and websites.
Your bibliography is written in list format, alphabetically by the authors last name.



  • author's name – surname followed by first initial

  • year of publication 

  • title

  • publisher

  • place of publication, usually a city.


Harvard Referencing EXAMPLE:

Jones, I 2003, Ned Kelly: a short life, Lothian Books, South Melbourne, Vic.


Oxford Referencing EXAMPLE:

Rowling, J.K, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, London, Bloomsbury, 1998 


Magazines, newspapers & journals

  • author's name – surname followed by first initial, if there's a by-line

  • year of publication

  • title of the article 

  • name of the publication

  • specific date, including volume number if applicable

  • page number.


Harvard Referencing EXAMPLE (no author):

‘Yorta people vow to fight on', The Age, 19 Dec 1998, p 8



  • name of the organisation or person who made the site

  • name of the site

  • date you looked at the site

  • complete web address


Oxford Referencing EXAMPLE:

Australian War Museum, Second World War 1939-1945, viewed 31 August 2016,


Note: If you cannot find the organisation name or person responsible for the website, leave it out. However, most websites will have in the bottom corner the company that published it. The name of the website is usually given at the top of the website, before any writing. It is the title.  Here is an example;

The main thing to remember about bibliographies and referencing is to be consistent. Check whether your teacher has a preferred system – if not, pick one and stick to it.